Check out what our clients think of our work!

“If you want to go to another level physically and mentally then this is the place for you.”

Garrett Soldano

“Top notch training with Adam and Brandon. No matter what your goals are they are there to help you reach them. I’ve been training under Adam for awhile now along with Brandon now as well. This will be my 4th fight camp under KAT and every time I get stronger and better.”

Zach Mendham, MMA fighter

“Knowledgeable trainers who practice what they preach. If you want to learn while you train, this team will break anything down for you. Very inspirational, very professional and most of all very involved with your growth in fitness.”

Zach VanZile

“I highly recommend KAT. Adam and Brandon are great trainers. They make the workouts challenging and fun.”

Chase Marks

“After working in a gym and slowly losing interest in working out no matter how many times I switched it up, these guys brought me back to life. They’re encouraging and fun and not afraid to push you when you can’t push yourself. They focus on form, and still keep you challenged. They know their stuff and I highly recommend them.”

Laura Amanda

“I’m a professional athlete and I have never seen results like I have from Kalamazoo Athletic Training. I have been training for over eight years and have never been in better shape since I started working out here.

It is for everyone though. If you’re sitting on your couch or a professional athlete this place will help you achieve your fitness goals. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!”

Jonathan Walker, professional MMA fighter

“Very happy I jumped on board with Adam at AZO when I did. My girlfriend (who is a yoga instructor) started about a year and a half ago and we both can’t say enough about how the planned and studied exercises by the staff have improved out lives. I’m addition, there is a great community that has been built here and continues to grow. Thanks again, guys.”

Devon Yeider, Muay Thai practitioner

“I have always thought I worked out “hard,” but since training with Adam and Brandon, it was clear that I could push myself to a higher potential. Workouts are efficient and effective. I used to train on my own at a traditional gym almost every day, 2-hrs each time. Since starting a membership at KAT, I’ve only been training a few times a week, 1-hr each session…and my strength and conditioning has never been better.”

Susanne Var, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor

“Highly knowledgeable, results driven coach. Adam Posthuma is the full package- nutrition, Olympic weights, cardio, etc.”

Shaun Wayman, Muay Thai, wrestling coach

“Very intense workout routines, but the result show the work. The workouts are personalized and structured for you. Scheduling is made simple and based on your availability. This is great for people with busy and constantly changing schedules. I definitely recommend signing up!”

Mamoon Ali