Jen Aniano

I was a 105 lb professional MMA fighter and competitive jujiteira. I worked very hard to maintain my weight and physique and be physically fit enough to withstand competing in such extreme sports. Then, nearly a decade into my career, and unfortunate ACL tear, the second in my life, sent me on a spiral. The doctor that did the surgery refused to acknowledge that I had a Cyclops Lesion. I suffered for two years, barely able to walk let alone give my sports 100%. I eventually found a doctor who agreed to help me, diagnosed me, and fixed my knee with another surgery. During this time I was also ravaged by PCOS, and like all humans, I was getting older. At my heaviest, I was 185 pounds and extremely unhealthy and unfit. I decided that I needed someone to help me make my body strong again. A friend recommended KAT and I’ve never looked back. Today, thanks to a phenomenal orthopedic surgeon, a great general care doctor, and KAT, I am 135 pounds and back to competitive training for Jiujitsu. I truly could not have done this without KAT. I know the staff genuinely cares about me and is knowledgeable enough to help me work through my injuries and build back my strength and endurance. I will be a member of KAT for as long as it exist. They get five stars, two thumbs up, ten out of ten. Whatever you call it, what are you waiting for?