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I was a 105 lb professional MMA fighter and competitive jujiteira. I worked very hard to maintain my weight and physique and be physically fit enough to withstand competing in such extreme sports. Then, nearly a decade into my career, and unfortunate ACL tear, the second in my life, sent me on a spiral. The doctor that did the surgery refused to acknowledge that I had a Cyclops Lesion. I suffered for two years, barely able to walk let alone give my sports 100%. I eventually found a doctor who agreed to help me, diagnosed me, and fixed my knee with another surgery. During this time I was also ravaged by PCOS, and like all humans, I was getting older. At my heaviest, I was 185 pounds and extremely unhealthy and unfit. I decided that I needed someone to help me make my body strong again. A friend recommended KAT and I’ve never looked back. Today, thanks to a phenomenal orthopedic surgeon, a great general care doctor, and KAT, I am 135 pounds and back to competitive training for Jiujitsu. I truly could not have done this without KAT. I know the staff genuinely cares about me and is knowledgeable enough to help me work through my injuries and build back my strength and endurance. I will be a member of KAT for as long as it exist. They get five stars, two thumbs up, ten out of ten. Whatever you call it, what are you waiting for?

Jen Aniano

“Friends, you have to check this place out! Just got done with a killer workout! If you’re looking for a professional to help reach your goals, KAT is to place to be!”

Derek Zagon

“KAT is one of the best gyms if not the best gym I’ve ever worked out at! The trainers care about your fitness needs and wants! They are good at adapting to any situation whether you’re hurt or just want to train a specific area. They truly are an amazing group of trainers! I’m so glad I started training there! It makes me wanna get up and start my day right!”

Aimee Driscoll, Registered Nurse

“The best gym I’ve ever been to that works specially to help you meet all your goals.”

Michele Loney

“Amazing coaching, top notch facility. Not gonna find anything close to what KAT offers!!!”

Dave Rich, Corrections Officer

“One of the best gyms I’ve been to. They know what they are doing. I’m excited to come back.”

Vernon Coakley, Football Player

“I am such a beginner when we are talking about health and fitness. I came to KAT to try it out because I had been working out elsewhere and felt lost. I had my first trial session with Brandon and it was amazing! I more than struggled but he pushed me to keep going until the end. After that first session, I already knew this was going to be my new home gym. Since then, I’ve been working out with Collin and he is WONDERFUL! Gives great direction, encourages me when he knows I’m ready to give up and is with me every step of the way. I’ve never been more excited to work out now that I’ve started at KAT! Thanks to the whole team, I really needed this!”

Karlie Mandigo

“After joining KAT my athletic performance dramatically increased. I’ve been plagued for years by hip and back pain while playing hockey, but after working out with KAT I have absolutely zero pain while playing and after games, and I’m also noticeably more explosive, agile, and overall more comfortable in net.”

Jackson Scheib, hockey goaltender

“Fun hard first workout. They do a great job of pushing you to your limit but not past it. Every lift I did was explained by them and how it was supposed to be done safely and effectively and they planned the whole thing out too which is nice. I’m excited for them to help me push myself further definitely staying here for a while.”

Coty James Perin

“You don’t know a workout until you’ve been here! Great exercise, Knowledgeable trainers and a fun environment to get in shape and get fit. Would strongly recommend A++++”

Andy MacKay, Muay Thai fighter