Past Team Members


B.S. Exercise Science
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Brandon McNees is ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with a B.S. in Exercise Science from WMU. An active Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitor and former all-state wrestler, he is passionate about fitness and nutrition. He specializes in Bulgarian Bag training and Martial Arts. Brandon values providing his clients with the knowledge of proper training and form, so that each individual can grow stronger, physically and mentally.


B.S., M.S. Exercise Science
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Kyle DeRosia is a USAW certified sport performance coach with a B.S. in Exercise Science from WMU. He is currently a master’s student and graduate teaching assistant studying exercise physiology at WMU. Kyle teaches a variety of physical activity classes as well as the undergraduate biomechanics lab. Formerly, he was a personal trainer at West Hills Athletic Club, specializing in training youth athletes and seniors. Kyle is passionate about research and hopes to contribute to the world’s understanding of sport/exercise performance and safety.


B.S., M.S. Biological Sciences
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jackson Scheib is a certified Strength and Conditioning Trainer, master’s student in neuroscience at WMU, graduate teaching assistant for human anatomy, and life-long athlete. Jackson served in the Army Infantry with the prestigious 10th Mountain Division and is currently an ice hockey and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor. He is passionate about fitness, although his primary focus is researching traumatic brain injuries. His research attempts to find molecular mechanisms for recovery from brain trauma, and he hopes that this work will lead to new medical interventions for military personnel and athletes who suffer from traumatic brain injuries.