Our Workout Phases


Adaptation. This is where you start. It won’t take long after your first workout at KAT that you will realize our workouts are nothing like you have ever experienced before. This program is designed to get your body adapted to KAT and be able to perform movements you didn’t know you could do. Weights are moderate in intensity and volume.


Build strength. Good form precludes heavier weights to build your strength. This program is designed to increase strength, break plateaus and periodization by hitting your muscles hard a few times per week. Along with strength, you will often see an increase in muscle mass as well. Starting slow, weights will become high in intensity and low volume.


Build muscle. Gaining weight can be hard for some. Gaining functional weight can be even harder. Our approach is simple yet effective. This program is designed to add on muscle mass with a minor emphasis on increasing functional strength. By increasing time under tension (TUT) as you progress through each workout, your muscles will have no choice but to grow, Grow, GROW!


A balanced combination of speed and strength training, this program is designed to strengthen fast-twitch muscle fibers and increase explosiveness. KAT’s POWER phase is favored by athletes, such as football players and martial artists, and those working in high stress, physically demanding jobs, such as Fire Fighters, Military and Law Enforcement personnel. The weight will be lighter than BUILD, but you will be expected to move twice as fast throughout each rep—and you will.


Shred fat. This program is designed to melt bodyfat, increase muscular endurance, and keep your heart rate elevated. Anyone wanting to lean out for beach season will want to hop on this program ASAP! Although the weights are lighter, the volume of reps is increased, giving your muscles that sweet burn at the end of each set!


Shred fat Part II. This program is designed to do everything SHRED does, but with a faster pace and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sprinkled in throughout each session. SUPER SHRED will challenge your muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance like no other workout you’ve ever had!

It is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all with our programs. Our programs will be designed and constantly redesigned to meet your needs and fitness goals.

Other phases