4-Week At-Home Program


Hello Everyone!

We have a 4-week program for you, shorter if we can reopen earlier 😉 There will be 4-5 days of work, depending on how your body is feeling, and 2 rest days.

KAT 4wk At-Home Program

Enjoy, and don’t ever stop moving!

In good health,
KAT Team

Shoulder Wall Series. There are 3 exercises, and you will alternate between each exercise every round. For each exercise, your back will be positioned against a wall, knees bents, like in the first image. Always keep your back engaged the entire time–namely the rhomboid and mid-trapezius muscles.

1. W/Y Wall Slides


Maintain contact with the wall and slide your arms up from “W” to “Y” position, relaxing your neck and upper traps, and avoiding shrugging your shoulders as your arms rise. Maintain a flat back to keep your ribcage down during the movement. If your shoulders are too tight to touch the wall, begin the movement with your arms slightly forwards. To make it more challenging, narrow the “Y” position.

2. Internal/External Rotation 


Maintaining the same cues, place your elbows flush against the wall, and keep your elbows bent to ninety degrees. Try to maintain contact with your elbows (to the wall) as you internally and externally rotate. This is difficult to do on the internal rotation. Go slow and never force anything. With more reps and practice, your mobility will improve.

3. Elbow Clicks


Raise your arms shoulder height, elbows bent at 90 degrees. Engaging your lats, rhomboids and mid-trapezius, bring your elbows together in front of you, then back.